TGSG provides vivid concept design for drill rigs and rig equipment specifications. TGSG service engineers are experts at drilling and completion operations, well intervention and products installations. Our Well Intervention Products, Drilling and Downhole Products are of the best quality and measures up to industry specifications both in design and technology. The AXON Downhole product 100MWD/Gamma System is a state-of-the-art directional/gamma probe. Its unique design provides all control, electronics processing and data presentation within a single unit. Operator screens are intuitive and allow field personnel to quickly become proficient. Moreover, all probes are rated to 20,000 psi operating pressure. The standard temperature range is 0°C through 150°C (A higher temperature range is available on request). In addition, the probe on-board storage rate is programmable up to a maximum of one per six seconds.


Our services includes
  • Drill rig support with Concept design and product installation

  • Bottom obstruction surveying

  • 3-D mapping of downed platforms

  • High-Resolution LIDAR Mapping of Facilities

  • Wet and Dry Tunnel Survey and Mapping

  • UXO Location and Neutralization

  • Remote Sampling

  • Custom Engineered Robotic Solutions

  • Well plug, abandonment and decommissioning

  • Location and identification of hydrocarbon release

  • Inspection services (Platform, dam, tank, ship hull)

  • Pipeline surveying (Internal and External pipeline inspections)