Procurement in various energy sectors has remained increasingly ‘specific demanding’ and competitive for decades. To beat these challenges, TGSG has built applicable partnerships, and secured exclusive rights of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) whose products and services are mostly sort for in all energy and communications sectors.

Our successive approaches are hinged on

Effective representation of OEM’s with compliance to regulatory policies

Sourcing and supplying of equipments from Original Equipment Manufacturers based on client’s specifications

Installation of equipments amidst opposing conditions

Carrying out After Sales Services

We supply the following categories of equipment:

Electrical Equipment

Motors, Wire and Armored & Instrumentation Cables, Lighting Equipment etc. Hydraulic Wrenches, Pumps.

Mechanical Equipment

Compressors, Extruders, Dryers, Centrifuge, Agitators, Mixers, Gear boxes, Gear pumps, et

Process Containment Equipment (PCE)

Pressure Vessels, Heat exchangers, Reactors silos, etc

Pipe Valves and Fitting (PVF)

Pipe, Flange, Fittings, Industrial valves, Gaskets, Fasteners, Fire protection and Pressure relieve devices.