The growing demand for steady power generation from energy facilities is increasingly becoming challenging in today’s industry. Exploration and production processes, refining of petroleum products can be more efficient when a reliable and economic source of energy is in place. One of the ways TGSG helps its clients build on a successful business is by guaranteeing sustained power generation during production processes.

We supply, install and operate:
  1. Mobile Gas Turbine Unit

A 25 MW Mobile pack unit is a self-contained, gas turbine power electric generating unit using PWPS’ efficient gas turbine. It consists of two primary units – the power trailer and the control trailer. The power trailer contains the gas turbine and the electric generator, while the control trailer houses the electrical control unit.

  1. Wind Turbine Energy

Wind power is currently the fastest-growing source of electricity production in the world and is able to power energy intensive projects. The production of wind energy creates no air pollution and, if the turbines are sited properly, has minimal environmental impact.

  1. Solar Power System

The Maxeon solar cell is uniquely different from other solar cells. It is able to absorb more sunlight and looks extremely wonderful on roof tops. Its thick copper foundation makes it almost impermeable to corrosion. It has an inbuilt strain relief that allows for expansion and contraction, so guarantees reliability and efficiency. The Maxeon SunPower solar cells are specially designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Unlike most conventional solar cells which lose power over time due to corrosion and breakage, the quality of design of SunPower solar cells gets rid of just as much as 85% why conventional cells fail.