Why Choose Us

In TGSG, we have garnered competencies, experiences and partnerships which has made us relevant, and positioned us as a place of choice in the oil and gas industry. The truth is What We Do is what We Are Good At.

What We Hope To Achieve

As the desire for efficiency in project delivery grows deep on a daily basis, TGSG hopes to remain at the peak of interest of oil and gas operators and build profitable business relationships with its clients.

We believe this is possible because we keep our focus on a desired outcome; which is the VISION we bear in our hearts:

To out-stand the best in quality of engineering and procurement service offerings in the oil and gas industry.

Shared Values 

Our deliverables are of its finest because we are guided by shared values and a relentless approach towards ensuring efficient and effective timely delivery of projects.

Our values are anchored on a T.I.E acronym as represented below:



Through effective communication and high spirited teamwork to  ensure that project delivery is at a desired time frame.



We stay true to our customers and partners at all times.



we pay attention to every detail and guarantee client’s satisfaction.