construction africa workers worldbank FLICKR Investment in infrastructure construction is set to expand at a rapid pace in East Africa. In the three largest markets in the region, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, total infrastructure construction output is expected to soar from US$25.9bn in 2017 to US$98.8bn in 2022 (in nominal value terms), according to GlobalData.

The company’s latest report, “Infrastructure Insight: East Africa”, reviews some key components of the 287 large-scale public and private sector infrastructure projects in East Africa that GlobalData are tracking, from project announcement to execution. 

Collectively, these projects are worth US$209.1bn. Transport (rail and road) and energy sectors account for a large proportion of the project pipeline (37.1 per cent and 45.2 per cent respectively), and have total values of US$77.5bnand US$94.6bn.

“Investment rates in transport infrastructure have been increasing, thanks to major continental initiatives such as the Program for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) – a strategic continental initiative for mobilising …
Source: African Review
East Africa's construction output set to expand