TGSG is a leading service provider in engineering, procurement and power solutions bordering across industry sectors such as Oil and Gas, Power Transmission and Distribution Networks, Constructions, Aviation, Mining and Telecommunications. Our admiration over the years has been the result of our consistency in meeting project timelines, uncompromising integrity and a genuine interest in helping our clients build a successful business.


To deliver added value in engineering solutions to oil, gas and energy sector by eliminating disparities in project executions and to ensure on time delivery of jobs from start to completion.

So Far;

        We have been committed to proffering:

  1. Sound engineering and maintenance services

  2. Time bound delivery and efficiency in procurements, installations and commissioning of projects

  3. An effective representation of Original Equipment Manufacturers

  4. Advisory and technical support

  5. Financial aid in ensuring on-time project execution from start to completion and to delivery.


TGSG has established its corporate headquarters in Houston –Texas, and has grown astonishingly in experience and relevance in the past 15 years of excellent service delivery to its’ increasing number of clients in the United States of America and West Africa.

African Shores

In 2011, TGSG successfully extended its reach to the African shores and has successfully established Texas Global Systems Limited (TGSL) in Nigeria as an indigenous company to meet the engineering and procurement needs of the oil and gas industry. Having home bred experiences coupled with foreign technological proficiencies and financial capabilities, TGSG has moved forward rapidly in ensuring efficiency in service delivery and client’s satisfaction.